10 types of men to avoid dating

It gets exhausting trying to figure out the beginning of any courtship. He loves to flirt, to send you suggestive text messages and emails…to tell you how lucky he’d be to be with you. Communication with him goes from multiple times a day to once a week if you’re lucky. He has made himself the victim in whatever has happened in his life and he plays on your sympathy and desire to “help him heal.” It’s very easy to feel sorry for this type of man. It can be a roller coaster ride going on the “healing journey” with these types of men and can end up doing nothing but draining your energy.

Once he finally gets your full attention, reels you in, and lures you into bed, expect a complete 180 from all that romantic, “I want you and must have you now” behavior. He comes across as genuine, sweet and oh so helpless. Sometimes it’s better to remain his friend and allow him to heal on his own before diving into anything more serious. They have tons of charisma and charm, especially in the beginning.

He’s sending you a clear signal, “We are not a couple.” Turn the fire hose on this one to wash him out the door.

This is the guy who does something sketchy, like showing up two hours late for your date, not calling when he said he would, canceling important plans with you at the last minute, or overtly flirting with another woman in front of you.

Run…just run from this one, no matter how much you may love him.

Here’s the thing about all these different types of men: Most of their behavior is unconscious, not malicious, and they genuinely don’t realize that they are hurting anyone.

They know how to seduce a woman and will tell you whatever you want to hear…

especially that he’s “never felt like this before” and feels “such a connection with you.” Despite any red flags or things that don’t add up from his past, you fall hard fast.

He tells you right up front that he had a terrible childhood he barely survived.

Sometimes we have to look at the Loves in our lives and determine if they need to get the boot! This is the Lothario who sees you across a crowded room and it’s and maybe even fall in love. As soon as you’re convinced he’s a good bet and decide to invest in the relationship he freaks out, ices you out and runs as fast as he can, leaving you dazed and confused. Chances are this is a guy who wants committed love, but his Fear of Engulfment kicks in and he’s got to go.

Send anyone who tries to snort you like a drug to the trash bin.

The love of a good woman could heal him and turn him into a committed, appreciative man! Plus, there’s nothing sexier in bed than a dark, brooding, broken boy. The truth is he actually manage to get him to an event where you are representing yourselves as a couple, he falls completely silent. Only answering questions monosyllabically, if at all.

It’s incredibly infuriating, but it’s good information.

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